Convenient Comfortable Dental Care at your office…In a Conference Room, Office or Breakroom

We Handle All Aspects

Onsite Mobile Dentist St. Petersburg

Mobile Dentist Service Brings Quality Dental Care to Your Office.

Serving Hillsborough, Manatee, Pinellas, and Sarasota Florida
  • Show your employees you care about them by offering onsite dental care in your company conference or break room.
  • Set yourself apart from other corporations by having a unique benefit with onsite care to attract top talent.
  • Attract employees that are health conscious
  • Clean teeth = Healthy Employees = Better Morale
  • Onsite Care = No Lost Time for Dental Care (most appointments are less than 1 hour)
  • Convenient: We work with you to find a day that will cause the least impact to your work schedule to set up and provide onsite dentist services.
  • Healthy + Happy +Time Saving= More Productive Employees
  • Zero to Low Cost to You…Most Insurance plans cover preventative dentistry at 100%
  • Add “Onsite Dental Care” to you list of company benefits

How Onsite Dental Clinic in Your Office Works

We make it easy to have healthy smiles at the office in a few simple steps.
  1. Call to set your onsite Dental Day(s) for when you would like Home Dental to You to come and set up a portable dental office inside your location. Break rooms and conference rooms usually work well for this.
  2. We will give you a link to send out that will allow for simple, secure, online registration and booking for each team member.
  3. They will receive a reminder before their appointment
  4. Get the Dental Service for a happy, healthy smile
Day of the Event
  • Our team of professionals arrives with plenty of time before the first appointment to assemble the pop-up dental clinic
  • Our dentists and hygienists use infection control protocols and procedures that are approved by the American Dental Association to keep everyone safe.
  • Each appointment typically lasts less than an hour.
End of the Event
  • We clean up our area so you can return to business as usual.

Preventative Services Include:

  • Dental Exams
  • Oral x-rays
  • Preventive cleaning
  • Fluoride
  • Whitening

(Local referrals for restorative dentistry)


Bring Corporate Dental Care to Your Office

Interested in offering onsite dentist services at your workplace? Fill out the corporate dental form for more information:

Please reach out for more details on how to get convenient onsite dental care to your employees.
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